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So simple, yet so elegant

So simple, yet so elegant


Nearly three years after President Obama announced that solar panels will (once again) be installed on the White House roof, the installation is finally underway. The solar array will improve the energy efficiency of America’s most famous building, while increasing the visibility of solar power. 

Read the full article to find out when the first solar panels were installed and why they were removed. 

A little late for our tastes by President Obama, but later is better than never at all. Let’s hope the next guy doesn’t just come in and rip them out like what happened in the 80’s.


Connecticut-Sized Dead Zone Found in Gulf of Mexico

The “dead zone” forms every summer because nutrient-rich water from the Mississippi River basin flows into the Gulf and causes algal blooms. Nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, are helpful when used to fertilize gardens and crops, but like most other things, the best rule for nutrients is moderation. While these nutrients are naturally occurring in the Gulf and all ecosystems, levels that are too high can cause problems.

This area is called “the dead zone” because dissolved oxygen levels are too low to support life. Animals that can move out of the area, like fish and shrimp, will leave, and animals that can’t, like brittle stars and mussels, will become stressed and eventually die.

This year the “dead zone” is the size of the state of Connecticut…